Welcome to the Five Dark Realms. These worlds are the creation of author Lex Valentine whose paranormal books are set here.

The series set in the Five Dark Realms are:

Tales of the Darkworld – The author’s signature 12 book series, it tells the stories of mated couples who are connected to or related to three best friends who aren’t above meddling to make the matings happen.

Twisted Tales – Currently, this series is on hold. The first book of the series of twisted fairytales, fables and legends is The Pixie Prince based on the Princess and the Pea.

Five Dark Realms Encounters – Short stories focusing on a single sexual encounter between two characters from the Tales of the Darkworld. Blood Play is the first in the series, other books include encounters with Weylyn Randall, Drake Keating, Nick Diamond, Vahid and Emily and more!

Watchers – This series is currently only two short stories, Mating and Runaways. Chronologically, Runaways comes before Mating. At some point in the future, this series may be expanded to more stories involving the Watchers Agency.

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